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We Offer Options to You by using Modern Technologies, Natural and Healty Textiles


    Cotton is a kind of fiber composed of natural plants and obtained from cocoons of natural plants. Cotton is composed of cotton wax, oil and cellulose. The elasticity of the cotton is strong and durable. It provides comfortable wearing of clothes in hot weather conditions.

    Modal fabric produced from beech wood is a kind of fiber which is completely natural, wet and dry resistant. Modal is very resistant to wear and moisture transfer feature is high. Fabrics knitted or woven using modal yarn have a soft structure. It offers the comfort of clothing even in hot, humid climates. Because of its natural whiteness, bleaching does not require a chemical treatment.

    Bamboo trees, which are used as raw materials of natural ropes, are turned into fiber after a series of processes and then they are separated from their fibers and transformed into yarn by technical processes in various machines. Bamboo yarn, thanks to its natural structure is a white and thin yarn. Although it is very thin, it has high resistance to wear and durability.